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    Otro de mis compositores favoritos, Hiroyuki Sawano, todo un maestro :`) y ahora con este anime que me gusta tambien. Se los comparto >w< 


    1. Exorcist Concerto First Movement: Me & Creed
    2. Exorcist Concerto Second Movement: X
    3. Exorcist Concerto Third Movement: U & Cloud
    4. Exorcist Concerto Fourth Movement: D+T
    5. Symphonic Suite DEVIL First Movement: D-Evil
    6. Symphonic Suite DEVIL Second Movement: i-AM
    7. Symphonic Suite DEVIL Third Movement: eXORCiST
    8. Symphonic Suite DEVIL Fourth Movement: sA†An
    9. AOE Suite First Movement: My☆
    10. AOE Suite Second Movement: 5P+3P
    11. AOE Suite Third Movement: i9
    12. AOE Suite Fourth Movement: AI
    13. Symphonic Poem GeHeNa First Movement: Mephistopheles
    14. Symphonic Poem GeHeNa Second Movement: A-maimon
    15. Symphonic Poem GeHeNa Third Movement: Hobgoblin→MASHOU
    16. Assiah Fantasia First Movement: Call me later
    17. Assiah Fantasia Second Movement: Tomorrow is another day
    18. Assiah Fantasia Third Movement: The Celestial Music



    1. A BGM-suite 1st-Mov.: E-Aria battlefield
    2. A BGM-suite 2nd-Mov.: Technology ORCH.
    3. A BGM-suite 3rd-Mov.: Hyou × (odd + yo)
    4. A BGM-suite 4th-Mov.: I-com BOBOBO
    5. IiMuRoYa-$. Feat 1st-Mov.: M
    6. IiMuRoYa-$. Feat 2nd-Mov.: CHaos + CHorus
    7. IiMuRoYa-$. Feat 3rd-Mov.: HEiW @ → KiZUN @
    8. IiMuRoYa-$. Feat 4th-Mov.: N-tone
    9. For routine de SUIT 1st-Mov.: GEKIBANger brother bayonet
    10. For routine de SUIT 2nd-Mov.: GEKIBANger brother bayonet-Returns
    11. De SUIT 3rd for the day-Mov.: GEKIBANger brother bayonet-Forever
    12. De SUIT 4th for the day-Mov.: GEKIBANger brother bayonet-The Final
    13. $Weet 1st Symphony-Mov.: St-RING
    14. $Weet 2nd Symphony-Mov.: STN-blood
    15. $Weet 3rd Symphony-Mov.: Call ME
    16. $Weet 4th Symphony-Mov.: F
    17. CORE PRIDE (TV size)
    18. Take off (TV size)
    19. IN MY WORLD (TV size)
    20. Wired Life (TV size)

     Atte: Yushiko

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